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A Major Growth in Online Pharmacy Patronage in 2012

Thursday 11 October 2012 - Filed under Online Pharmacy

The concept of online shopping has grown across the world. A major shift in customer preferences to online shopping is observed in pharmacy sector, according to industry analysts. With access to almost any drug, online mode of purchasing makes shopping for medicines easy. Traditionally, people would have to visit pharmacy after pharmacy, looking for a drug that is not very common or for ones that are out of stocks. Now, the costs and time on commuting is totally taken away as online purchases are delivered right to the doorstep.
A recent poll on online drug purchases among customers in North American region indicated that convenience is not the only reason why they prefer this mode. The popularity of online pharmacies, especially those from Canada, is largely attributable to the extremely cheap Canada drug prices. Regulated by the Canadian government, drugs sold by Canadian pharmacies, both brick & mortar and online ones are 20-30% of the retailing prices in other countries. With such benefits, it is no wonder that 2012 sees a major growth in the patronage of online pharmacies.

This factor is especially true for fast growing, well reputed online pharmacies such as Big Mountain Drugs. BMD has been growing at a rapid phase with over 65% growth rate sustained over past couple of years. More and more people have turned to this pharmacy for ordering their essential medications. What makes BMD one of the outstanding online pharmacies?

This question was answered by the marketing manager of BMD, who had this to say. “Our pharmacy has seen a major growth in customers, for this year, because we make ordering medication an easy process. Customers of BMD will have clear and authentic drug information with images of medicine to make it easy for customer to improve their medicine awareness. There are multilingual staffs to assist consumers who are unfamiliar with a drug or the ordering process.”

BMD offers a wide range of brand name drugs as well as their generics so that the consumer has the choice to decide on be purchased through BMD.

There are various other reasons as to why online pharmacies, such as BMD, and other well established Canada pharmacies, have gained such popularity this year. These pharmacies also provide their customers with Canada drug coupons that allow them to purchase drugs at even more affordable prices than the governmental regulated prices. Quality is guaranteed by well established Canada pharmacies that are members of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), and verified by All drugs sold by reputed online pharmacies are from suppliers that have been approved by Health Canada, the regulatory body in Canada that equals FDA in the United States.

Mr G Blakemoore of Mississippi had this to say on his choice to use online supply sources. “Online pharmacies are a convenient method of purchasing medication because the Canada pharmacy that I purchase from, sends me refill reminders when it is time for me to purchase new medication. This is extremely useful as I need a constant supply of blood pressure medication for my health. No brick and mortar pharmacy sends me reminders that it is time to buy my meds”

Big Mountain Drugs (BMD) is a Canada pharmacy registered in the province of British Columbia. In addition to operating regular brick and mortar pharmacies in British Columbia, it serves international customers through its website Big Mountains Drugs has been licensed by College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, the provincial regulating body for pharmacies in British Columbia. It is a verified member of prestigious Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and a member of International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPA BC). BMD is committed to all legal, professional and ethical standards of the profession of pharmacy. It has been verified and reviewed by many websites including reputed company that verifies international online pharmacies.

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