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BMD Ranks High among Canada Pharmacies in Terms of Drug Availability

Wednesday 15 August 2012 - Filed under Online Canadian Pharmacies

A patient can encounter various problems when purchasing medications through a pharmacist. One of the most common problems is the unavailability of medications. There are only a few times that a person visits one pharmacy and fills the entire prescription without a problem. It is a common problem faced by many consumers to find one medication from one pharmacy and the other from another. This can be extremely frustrating, as well as, time consuming. Big Mountain Drugs (BMD) is a reputed online Canada pharmacy. It is a pharmacy known for its professionalism, high quality service and thankfully, availability of medication. These are some of the reasons they rank high among Canada pharmacies.

“There is always a worldwide shortage of medications” stated a spokesperson for BMD. “This results in many pharmaciesnot being able to fill their customers’ prescriptions. As a result, these customers have to visit many other pharmacies to fill their prescriptions. It may take time and this could lead to patients delaying in purchasing their meds that can lead to many complications”. This statement is especially true as many consumers, if they do not purchase their medications on time, may complicate their situation further. However, this problem is not seen in Big Mountain Pharmacy.

BMD has been supplying medications to thousands for a number of years. It is a pharmacy that cares about customer safety and satisfaction. This pharmacy understands the frustration of not being able to purchase essential medications due to unavailability. One of the main aims of the company is to ensure that prescription and over-the-counter medications are always available for their customers. They also offer almost all medications in branded and generic forms. “Supplying medications is our business” continued the representative. “We are what we are because of how we serve our customers. Our customers are always placed first and, therefore, they can be sure we will do everything within our power to make sure that the medication they need is available to them”.

Customers of BMD are extremely satisfied with this pharmacy. When questioned on his views of medication availability at BMD, Mr Ron Peterson, 68, of North Carolina had this to say, “BMD is an exceptionally professional pharmacy. I have been purchasing medication from them for a few years. Not once have I been inconvenienced by these people due to the unavailability of medication. They have always seen to it, that a regular supply of medication is available for their customers”.

Mr Peter McLaren, 75, of Ellis Island, New York City, added his views on this, “No other pharmacy has impressed me so much than BMD. This pharmacy is a highly professional pharmacy and is never short on essential meds. I know I don’t have to run around looking for medication when I consider ordering through these sources”.

A recent poll showed us that BMD is ranked at the top in drug availability. This pharmacy is also ranked at the top in other aspects too. This comes as no surprise to BMD and its customers. “We source one type of medication from different manufacturers” stated the sales representative. “This ensures us that if one manufacturer defaults with their supplying of medication, we can always count on another to supply us with the same medication. This, guarantees us that we never run out and will always provide our customers with their medication.”

Big Mountain Drugs is a Canadian pharmacy operating in the Province of British Columbia. Canada. It delivers high quality medicinal drugs to its international customers through the website in addition to its regular pharmacies in Canada. BMD adheres to the highest safety and ethical standards and has been verified by the independent verifier of international pharmacies, Big Mountain Drugs has been licensed by College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, the regulating authority of pharmacies in British Columbia. As a verified member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and a member of the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPA BC).

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