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BMD Streamlines its Logistics for Excellence in Order Processing

Tuesday 22 May 2012 - Filed under Canadian Pharmacy

Big Mountain Drugs (BMD) is a registered Canadian pharmacy operating in British Columbia, Canada. Ranked as one of the best online pharmacies in a number of industry rankings and consumer polls, BMD caters to a wide portfolio of customers all over the world. The product portfolio consists of prescription and over-the-counter medications at reduced prices in both brand name form and generic form. Going by the consumer feedback, there are many reasons as to why BMD is ranked one of the top pharmacies. It is not only their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Rather, it is also their minute attention to detail about how they handle the medications and how it is delivered to the consumers.

A representative of Big Mountain Drugs explained the reason for the success in their ranking. “We are a company that strives to ensure all our customers are satisfied with not only the goods they receive, but also the service we provide. Being ranked as one of the top Canadian pharmacies is a high pedestal to sit on. We cannot rest in our laurels and hope to be at the top without actually working hard to stay there. We strive to ensure that we do better, are better and that we keep getting better every day”.

One of the most outstanding features for the success of Big Mountain is the manner in which they handle their business. Medications, apart from OTC medications, sold at Big Mountain Drugs can be ordered only through prescriptions. These prescriptions are filled clearly and with great attention to detail. Every prescription is double checked for errors and then checked once again by another experienced pharmacist. “Errors in filling prescriptions is one of the reasons many pharmacies go under”, stated the marketing representative. “We make sure that there is no room for human error when we fill out prescriptions. If we are unsure about the manner in which a prescription is written, we go the extra distance to ensure that it is clarified before fulfilling the order”.

Another hallmark feature of BMD is their long distance delivery standards. Medication cannot be mailed or shipped without proper packaging standards and meeting of requirements. There is a process involved to ensure that medication reaches its destination without damage and tampering. There are various Acts and laws enforced by different governments that have to be met when mailing medication. For example, when mailing medication to the United States, the United States Postal Service states that “OTC medication can be mailed only when all applicable federal, state and local laws are followed”. Similarly, every country has its own requirements. BMD ensures these requirements are met and also ensures that medication is packed safely enabling long distance travel.

“There are many more reasons as to why BMD is one of the leading pharmacies. However, one of the most important features to staying a leading company is by streamlining our logistics for order processing. Delivering the right medication in proper dosages in one piece and according to safety standards ensure happy and healthy customers. Happy customers keep coming back to order medication through us again.” concluded the marketing representative of Big Mountain Drugs.

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Re: BMD Streamlines its Logistics for Excellence in Order Processing

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