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Canada Drugs Online Announces Free Coupons on Senior’s Prescriptions

Monday 16 January 2012 - Filed under Canadian Drugs + Senior Health Questions

Canada Drugs Online, a licensed Canadian online pharmacy, is helping support seniors this month by launching two new pharmacy coupons. According to a new survey, seniors often take 10-19 pills per day, or 5 or more different medications. Staying on top of these many drugs must be difficult, especially for someone who is already ill. Not only is medicinal management an organizational issue for people 50 and older, it is a financial one. Canada Drugs Online has responded to this need by partnering with a top online pharmacy coupon site, Together, they are proudly offering $5.00 off for orders over $50.00 and $10.00 off for orders over $100.00.

As many seniors are on a fixed income, cost of multiple medications is the number one concern for 40% of surveyed seniors. Medicare may cover some of the medications, but often not all of patients’ multiple medications are covered. An AARP report issued in 2010 states that prices of popular brand name medications has risen 41.5% since 2005. Due to these factors, seniors are having to make more creative decisions in order to afford all of their important medications. Many are choosing to buy generic alternatives instead of brand name medications, or choosing to buy mail order from an online pharmacy. By choosing a generic alternative, seniors have reported saving up to $1000 or more in a year on their medications.

Some tips for saving on prescription medications include:

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