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Canada Pharmacies Add Newly Approved Generics Faster to Their Drug Portfolio

Saturday 10 March 2012 - Filed under Generic Drugs

It is no secret that generic medications are almost 40-50% less than their branded versions, and this is why approval of generics faster is a priority to the Canadian authorities as Health Canada which is an equivalent of the FDA in the US. Once a generic drug is approved, most Canadian pharmacies incorporate them to their product portfolio rather quickly, so that the customers can benefit from low priced products. Most of online Canada pharmacies sell both brand as well as generic products that are available and approved by Canadian authorities.

A Canada pharmacy representative stated that “more than 55% of prescriptions filled at our Canada pharmacies are for generic drugs.” Almost all drugs sold in Canada are manufactured in Canada and these drugs are manufactured to stringent quality standards to meet Health Canada approval. Health Canada ensures that any generic being reversed engineered from an innovation branded drug, conforms to same product efficacy. Approximately 40% of these drugs, once approved by Health Canada, are exported out of the country to places such as the United States and other countries around the world.

Explaining further on the approval process, a spokes person from a leading online pharmacy, Big Mountain Drugs, informed the following: “Drugs are authorised for sale in Canada, once they have been reviewed by scientists in the Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD) of Health Canada. The TPD provides information on the safety of the drug, its effectiveness and quality. These drugs are reviewed by TPD at a competitive pace enabling Health Canada to put out their approved generic drugs on the market faster than any other country.” Thanks to the efficient approval process of TPD, Canada sees more generics approved per year than other countries.

The length of time taken for reviewing drugs depends on the product, size and quality. Currently, the time taken by TPD on reviewing drugs is 18 months from the time of submission. To ensure efficient service, the TPD implements several initiatives helping with streamlining the process. These initiatives include the participations in the development and implementation of internationally agreed products, the effective use of external expertise, the use of electronic drugs submission templates, and strengthening the scientific resources. Some drugs may be reviewed faster than others through the Priority Review Process. This enables drugs for life-threatening and severely debilitating conditions such as cancer, AIDS and Parkinson’s disease to enter the drug market faster.

A spokesperson for Big Mountain said “Big Mountain Drugs and other Canadian pharmacies are always alert to news of new generic drugs being approved. This helps us to carry out negotiations with the respective manufacturers so that these generic drugs can be sold without delay through our pharmacies. This enables us to help our customers by ensuring they get the drugs they need at cheaper prices”.

The spokesperson went on further to state “Certain drugs such as clopidogrel or Plavix, Vyvanse, generic version of Nexium, were approved quite speedily enabling the provincial government, insurance companies and the individuals who purchase this drug to save quite a significant some of money. This gives us, Big Mountain Drugs, benefit from this save as we too, can save money”.

The speed with which Canada pharmacies such as Big Mountain Drugs work to provide their customers with these generics drugs is exceptional. Canada Pharmacies are eternally in contact with reputed manufacturers. “Once a drug has been reviewed by TPD” said a marketing consultant of Big Mountain “we move in and take over so that we can provide our customers with cheap generic drugs so that they don’t have to think twice about purchasing the necessary medication. We can safely say that we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers get the generic drugs they need at less cost and less hassle.”

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