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Canada Pharmacies bring Relief to Millions of Low-Income Populace

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Sometimes the purchase of essential medication can be extremely trying on the wallet. The recent down-trend in the economy makes it more and more difficult for low-income families to purchase essential medications. The World Health Organization states that more than 80% of diabetes related deaths occur in middle- to low-income families. This occurs for two reasons. Firstly, many low-income families do not understand the severity of an illness. Secondly, they do not have the means with which to purchase essential medication. This results in various complications, including death. However, the answer to at least some people for these problems may be there from Canada pharmacies. These pharmacies provide relief to millions of low-income families by selling essential, prescription and over-the-counter medications at reduced prices.

Canada pharmacies sell their drugs for less because Canada pharmacies abide by the price regulations implemented by Health Canada. This is a government organization in charge of regulating prices of essential foods and medication in Canada. The Health Canada motto is to ensure a healthier nation by ensuring all persons are able to afford essential medication for the safety of their well-being. Most provinces in Canada have drug formularies. This puts restrictions on new and expensive medications. Provinces such as Quebec and Ontario sell the bulk of their drugs to higher users of medication such as senior citizens. These provinces have the power to negotiate the price of drugs directly with pharmaceutical companies. This helps the drugs get on the formulary. In addition, Canadians have less liability costs. This is because most Canadians are less likely to sue their pharmaceutical companies and also the awards are much less than what is awarded in the US. This means, pharmasutical companies do not need to build in contingency liability costs in to the pricing.

Relief for low-income populace comes in the manner of discount coupons and price reductions. A survey carried out, by US Consumer Reports showed that buyers save up to 70% by purchasing their medication through Canada pharmacies. This is a significant saving as opposed to buying the same drugs discounted by Medicare. This saving is extremely important to the low-income populace. They are able to purchase other essential items with the money they save through their purchase of medication through these sources. “I am a maid at a small motel in Pasadena. I am paid minimum wage and I have three children to support” said Patty Smith, 35. “This means I am eternally trying to make ends meet with doctor’s and medication bills. The saving I get when I buy medication from Canada pharmacies is extremely useful as I can buy other things for my children with the money left over. I was introduced to Big Mountain Drugs online pharmacy by one of the supervisors in my work place and I am very thankful.

Canada pharmacies such as Big Mountain Drugs also offer their customers the 5% rewards scheme. This too enables them to save money. This works by providing customers 5% credit on their purchase towards the next order. This further lowers the cost of medications. The head of sales at Big Mountain had this to say “We are not in this business only to make a profit. We are in it because we genuinely care about our customers and their ability to buy essential medication. This helps us make a difference in the world”.

Big Mountain Drugs is registered and licensed by College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, the regulating body for pharmacies in the province of British Columbia, Canada. It operates regular brick and mortar pharmacies, and in addition serves to a worldwide customer base through its website It is a verified member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). an independent verifying company also has verified Big Mountain Drugs.

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Re: Canada Pharmacies bring Relief to Millions of Low-Income Populace

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