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Canada Pharmacies Laud US Bill to end Price Hiking and Drug Shortages

Thursday 28 June 2012 - Filed under Canada Pharmacies

Elijah Cummings, Representative from Maryland is introducing a new bill that aims at curbing price hiking during shortages of drugs and take measures to prevent shortages. Drug shortages prompted President Obama to issue an executive order in last October. Steps taken by FDA after the executive order have been able to reduce some drug shortages. FDA enforced its discretion and allowed the importation of Lipodox will be imported as an alternative to Doxil when it was not available. The chemotherapeutic drug Doxil is used to treat ovarian cancer and AIDS-related Kaposi’s sarcoma and multiple myeloma. FDA also has notified the manufacturers to provide advanced information regarding anticipated shortages.

Two important proposals in the bill are prohibiting of wholesalers who normally buy medicines from manufacturers and re-sell them to hospitals and pharmacies, from buying drugs from pharmacies and establishing a database of drug wholesalers. The drug shortages occur due to many causes. Shutdowns of manufacturing plants due to contamination, plant breakdowns and maintenance etc. are number one cause. Increased demand for some drugs, companies dropping the production of low-profit medicines, consolidation in the generic drug industry and limited supplies of some ingredients also are some other causes for drug shortages. Some manufacturers, wholesalers and pharmacies see drug shortages as an opportunity to make money.

During shortages, some pharmacies may sell the drugs at a price more than ten times the normal price it was sold. Cummings’s bill aims mainly at preventing such price increases.

There are vast differences in the prices at different pharmacies. “Some times a drug that costs as low as $20 in one pharmacy can cost more than $125 in another pharmacy few blocks away” says a user who buys drugs only after checking the prices at a couple of pharmacies.

She asks “You shop for the best price when you pump gas or buy a car. Why not for your prescription drugs?” A spokesperson for the top Canada pharmacy, Big Mountain Drugs (BMD) said “Our online pharmacy is one option that helps customers to save money when they buy their requirements of prescription medications.”

She said “Our wide range of drugs prescription and over the counter drugs are priced at affordable prices and are some times cost a fraction of the prices at US pharmacies. We offer the generic versions of most brand name drugs, giving the customers an opportunity to save more. Low prices, high quality and our delivery to doorstep service make us the number one choice for most customers when buying their prescription medications.”

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