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Canada Pharmacies offer Drugs at Affordable Prices to Senior Citizens

Monday 16 April 2012 - Filed under Canadian Drugs + Online Canadian Pharmacies

Rising expenses affect senior citizens more than any other strata of people. Senior citizens get by on limited incomes and, as a result, find the purchase of essential medications extremely costly. As most of their health affairs are not funded by the state or corporations this puts many senior citizens at a significant disadvantage. Most senior citizens are affected with ailments such as diabetes, arthritis or high blood pressure. This means they need a constant supply of medication. Without this medication their ailments will grow out of control. Studies show that many senior citizens in the United States do not follow their prescription medication regimen because they are unable to purchase these drugs. This leads to further complications and fatalities. Canada Pharmacies understand the problems faced by senior citizens. As a result, they offer senior citizens the opportunity to purchase drugs at affordable prices.

Canada drugs enable senior citizens savings up to 25% to 50% below the US market for drugs. When compared to some lowest priced medications sold in both Canada and the United States, Canadian pharmacies helped senior citizens save $72 to $226 on their prescriptions. And these included the shipping charges! Many consumers wonder how Canada drug companies are able to sell their drugs at such low prices. This is because the Federal Patented Medicine Prices Review Board rules the pricing on prescription medications. This ensures limited prices on all medications that make it affordable to all concerned. Another reason for the low prices on drugs is due to generic medications at lesser prices entering the market faster than their brand products. “We have gone one step further than other pharmacies by offering senior citizens discounts on discounted items. For example, the Senior Citizen Discount Coupons enable senior citizens to purchase medication for lesser than the low prices” stated the marketing representative for Canada pharmacies.

However, Canada pharmacy authorities warn senior citizens about websites that are made to lure American senior citizens who seek low prices for their medications. These websites are reputed for selling low quality drugs that can lead to dire repercussions. The marketing representative had this to say about this concern, “Many consumers, especially senior citizens, are new to online services. They may see only cheap prices for drugs. What they should look out for are pharmacies that are thoroughly scrutinized by CIPA, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. A CIPA seal on the website of the pharmacy means the pharmacy has a valid Canadian license and goes through quarterly on-site inspections. Senior citizens ordering medications through online sources should consider this factor when going online”.

Medication is an essential component to many senior citizens. The inability to purchase medications can be a life and death situation. Ordering essential medication through online pharmacies such as Big Mountain and other reputed, Canadian pharmacies makes it easy for senior citizens to ensure they receive high quality medication at all times. “We are not in the business to just sell medications” stated the representative. “We are in it because we care about our customers”.

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