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Canada Pharmacies Question the Real Motives of SOPA and PIPA Acts against Online Web Operators

Tuesday 28 February 2012 - Filed under Canadian Pharmacy Questions

Lawmakers are withdrawing support for the controversial bills, Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and its Senate counterpart Protect IP Act (PIPA). As a result, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid postponed a procedural vote scheduled to hold next week on whether to take up the PIPA. The House of Representatives also has postponed the consideration of SOPA. The about turn was a direct result of last Wednesday’s voluntary blackout by thousands of websites, the largest protest on the internet. The proposed anti-piracy laws had widespread bipartisan support before Wednesday, and now many representatives and senators have declared withdrawal of their support to the bills.

Although SOPA and PIPA are said to be anti-piracy laws, the bills once enacted to law will give far wider powers to companies with copyright over any content, to shutdown any website in their commercial sphere. It is understandable that the bills will get support from businesses in Printing & Publishing, Commercial TV, and Entertainment Industry. But the big support from industries like Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Tobacco industries shows that they also has much to gain with the new powers they get in their favor. Protest also got support from a multitude of websites from every field to defend their existence in face of the threat of closing down at the whims of big companies.

Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), the association representing the onlineCanadian pharmacies, and its members also joined the protest blacking out their websites. SOPA includes a clause that gives powers to close any site that “endangers public health.” Although the clause is intended to target rogue internet pharmacies, the vague wording of the clause can lead to genuine online pharmacies being shut down as well. These genuine online pharmacies help consumers in other countries, mainly in US, to make huge savings buying their needs of prescription medications and other medical requirements, online.

A spokesperson from Big Mountain Drugs, the leading Canadian online pharmacy, stated “We have a large consumer base in US. People, who are not covered by any health care program or a good health insurance plan and those who are not adequately covered, find it difficult to buy expensive medications due to high prices. They buy their needs from us because it saves money for them and they enjoy the comfort of getting the drugs at their doorstep. Usually, a large percentage is from middle class and from low income groups. If the genuine online pharmacies are closed they will have to spend heavily on heir medications.”

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