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Canada Pharmacy Moves Ahead With Osteoarthritis Medication for Inflammation and Pain

Friday 18 November 2011 - Filed under Canada Pharmacy

Inflammation was always considered a sign of wear and tear, but researchers have found certain proteins are prevalent during the early stages of osteoarthritis. Our Canada pharmacy agrees inflammation could be driving symptomatic changes occurring in osteoarthritis. People buy Vimovo, an FDA-approved medication that acts to prevent arthritis pain as well as protect the body from stomach issues.

Research May Help Doctors Use Inflammation to Prevent Osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis can occur due to several reasons including wear and tear, which is commonly accepted by the medical fraternity as well as patients. Visible signs like damage to the meniscus in joints lead to inflammation. Researchers are now hopeful inflammation processes can be analyzed in more detail to prevent the condition of osteoarthritis before symptoms can be seen.

As osteoporosis typically occurs in joints of the body, pain levels may intensify as wear and tear increases. Unfortunately, other tissues can also be affected limiting physical activity in both men and women. Pain can be very severe or mild depending on severity of the disease.

Women Experience More Pain Than Men
Researchers have established osteoarthritis of the knee affects women more than men. In other words, intensity of pain as well as functional disability is more in women as compared to men. Several psychosocial variables are responsible for regulating capacity of completing physical activity as well as withstanding pain.

Studies have shown women can withstand more pain; however, our Canada pharmacy agrees with researchers that sensitivity to pain and consequently experiencing more pain even after surgical procedures like total knee replacement is comparatively higher than observed in men. Pain can be treated with effective medication like Vimovo without suffering from stomach ailments or experiencing other side effects under medical supervision. More consciousness towards treating inflammation and pain at the early stages may actually help prevent osteoporosis.

Osteoarthritis Relief Found In Therapy
Relief from osteoarthritis can be found with the help of massage therapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. A visit to the doctor will help identify the best way to relieve pain. The body reacts to inflammation in the joints by creating muscle spasms as a sign of protection. Levels of pain occur in complicated patterns, and waiting for symptomatic changes to be evident in osteoarthritis is not the best approach.

Manipulation of joints helps in bringing relief from pain, as compression on the nerves is removed with therapy. Joint stiffness is a sign that osteoarthritis may set in. Therapeutic exercise helps in stretching strained muscles thereby bringing relief. These measures do help in providing long-term relief when osteoarthritis has already set in.

Our Canada pharmacy believes it is more important to recognize symptoms leading to the disease, as it may help in the prevention or delaying symptomatic symptoms. Regular visits to the doctor and complete physical checkups on a yearly basis are required once symptoms like muscle spasms, joint pain, and altered movements are observed on a consistent basis. Vimovo does provide pain relief, if symptoms of osteoarthritis have already set in. Different patterns of inflammation leading to varying intensity of pain can be effectively addressed with the medication.

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