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Canada Pharmacy Online Finds Chocolate Lovers More Likely To Have Healthy Hearts

Saturday 8 October 2011 - Filed under Canada Pharmacy + Online Canadian Pharmacies

Chocolate lovers have always found it very difficult to give up the delicacy due to medical reasons. However, they now have reason to celebrate, as scientists reveal chocolates are actually good for the heart. Canada pharmacy online is aware of some benefits due phytochemicals present in chocolate, but science was not able to establish until now how chocolate actually offers protection from serious heart diseases. People buy generic Plavix to prevent unwanted blood clots in blood vessels and the heart to prevent heart attack and stroke.

Surprising Announcement by Scientists Brings Cheer
Approximately 17 million people die of cardiovascular disease across the globe including heart attack and stroke. Scientists announced at the European Society of Cardiology Congress that chocolate actually protects the heart, which has now ignited debates about maintaining the right diet in order to promote good health. Analysis done by scientists from the University of Cambridge was a review of research studies conducted on chocolate in terms of measuring its health benefits.

A total of seven studies were conducted on 100,000 volunteers including people suffering from cardiovascular disease (CVD). Consumption of chocolate was considered to calculate rate of CVD occurrence in people with the highest intake in comparison to those with the lowest intake.

Results found have astounded Canada pharmacy online. People who consumed chocolates the most demonstrated a massive 37% reduction in CVD and 30% reduction in stroke when compared to those who did not consume or consumed very little chocolate.

All types of chocolate were considered in the studies without bias to milk or dark chocolate. Surprisingly, chocolate in different form including bars, biscuits, deserts, and drinks did not make a difference in results. However, questions were raised whether LDL fat, excess sugar, and harmful food additives would make a difference if considered.

Improper Diets May Cause More Harm
It is already established lack of exercise and poor diet has already contributed to dangerous levels of lifestyle diseases including obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. People have resorted to packaged food after moving away from home-grown products due to modernization. Adults find themselves more prone to adding weight, which is a major risk factor of developing chronic cardiovascular diseases. The rich are not the only ones susceptible any longer. Developing countries also find themselves having increased CVD cases.

WHO has indicated 80% diseases including heart attack and stroke can be avoided, if the risk factors were removed. Organic chocolate is now proven to protect the heart from CVD including heart attack and stroke. Researchers, however, choose to caution people about ingredients used in commercially sold chocolate products. Excess calorie intake is bad for overall health, as it increases rate of obesity.

Big Mountain Drugs will consider the positive effects of organic chocolate and incorporate better product mix that does not lead to increase in weight. There is a need for packaged food to be managed better. Higher obesity rates in developing countries on account of packaged food have already provided international manufacturers the necessary input to change the type of ingredients they include in their products. Marketing and branding may take some time, but the process has to begin now in order to promote health benefits of chocolate in the appropriate manner.

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