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Canada Pharmacy Rewarded by Customers for their Unwavering Customer Focus

Wednesday 3 October 2012 - Filed under Canada Pharmacy

A recent consumer poll among online pharmacy users yielded results that are truly rewarding to those pharmacies that invest efforts and money into providing best customer care. Those pharmacies with a high customer focus were ranked highest based on a number of points related to their customer care. Big Mountain Drugs, a top Canadian pharmacy was ranked top for the current year, by the consumers taking part in the poll.

“We feel honoured and truly rewarded. All our effort and investments into providing excellent customer care has paid off.” said Tiffany Mcomick, Head of Marketing Big Mountain Drugs, Canada.

BMD pharmacy is one of the most highly recognized pharmacies and its annual growth rate is in the range of 68% which is a testament of its own to the trust which consumers are placing on it as a reliable source of drugs. The company sells generic and brand medication at discounted prices. Almost any drug for any illness can be purchased at reduced prices from this pharmacy. The company has a range of customer centric schemes that goes beyond the normal transactions.

“From our inception, we wanted to be a pharmacy for the people, a one that care and offer the best, not the bare minimum to compete. We offer the best services, best prices, best front line staff and best delivery services” said the proud spokesperson of the company.

What makes BMD rank high in customer oriented category? We asked the staff and the consumers of BMD.

Mr. Jerad Knols of Minnesota had this to say “These are people that know they are in the business because of their customers. They never lose sight of this fact. They treat us extra special. With discounts, explanations, quick service and ever refill reminders.”

According to Manager Operations of BMD, “We are always looking for new and improved ways that we can assist and benefit our customers. We do this by providing customers affordable but quality medication. We also place a lot of importance on awareness campaigns on medicines, illnesses and how to avoid various sicknesses. We publish over 100 awareness targeted information articles and press releases a month for the benefit of the public”

BMD understands the difficulties faced by many of their customers when it comes to purchasing medication. For this reason, BMD has introduced the 5% rewards scheme and discount coupons. The rewards and discounts ensure that customers pay a significantly lesser sum for their medications than when purchasing drugs through any other pharmacy. Furthermore, BMD ensures that all ordered medication are delivered to their customers on time and damage-free. BMD also goes the extra mile to ensure that customers are aware of when their medication are running low by reminding them of this fact.

“The front-line staff at BMD is courteous, friendly and extremely helpful” stated Mr C Price of Texas.

“If they feel that I do not understand anything about my medication, they take the time to ensure that I do by explaining again and again. They do this patiently and kindly without being rude.” Mr G Travers of Houston stated.

“I know that BMD is 100% customer oriented because they not only sell medication, but they also ensure that all new and approved medication is available at their pharmacy the minute it arrives on the market. This is extremely useful to us as we do not have to waste time in searching for these medications” said Vera Isacs from Montreal, Canada.

A sales representative of BMD replied upon being questioned about their commitment to customer focus “Our pharmacy is ranked as one of the most prominent pharmacies because of our commitment and care to our customers. If we do not pay attention to our customers and do not consider their needs, we will be just another pharmacy. We do not wish to be “just another pharmacy”. We want to be a one-of-a-kind pharmacy. A pharmacy that is 100% committed to ensuring the needs of our customers”.

It is obvious that Big Mountain Drugs is set to head the ranks when it comes to customer satisfaction. With its total commitment and focus on their customers, it will be no surprise if, before long, BMD heads the list of number one pharmacies that serve the world.

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