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Canada Pharmacy Suggests Spanking does not Nurture Better Childhood

Monday 16 April 2012 - Filed under Canada Pharmacy

New research and Canada pharmacy suggest that utilizing spanking as a way of discipline for children (especially boys) who have a genetic predisposition to aggressive behavior likely turns them even more aggressive.

“There’s an intricate interplay between nature and nurture,” said study co-author J.C. Barnes, an assistant professor of criminology at the University of Texas at Dallas School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences. “Most people know that genes matter, but genes and environment can coalesce, and we see things above and beyond what’s expected.”

“While the study found this effect was statistically pronounced in males,” Barnes said that “the combination of aggressive genes and being spanked as child likely influences girls’ behaviors, too.” He said “it might be that the combination of these two factors didn’t reach statistical significance in girls because boys tend to act out more, and so present more opportunities to have that behavior seen in a study.”

“They found that for both boys and girls having a genetic risk for aggressive behavior increased the risk of antisocial behavior in children. The use of corporal punishment also increased the risk of antisocial behavior in both sexes,” said Barnes. This may drive parents to get depressed seeing their kids becoming antisocial. Hence, to buy Zoloft may be needed to get away with depression.

“I’m not surprised to see that they’re concluding that there’s evidence proving that genetic factors are involved in the development of aggressive behaviors. There’s a complex interaction between genetics and environment,” said Dr. Roya Samuels, an attending physician in the department of general pediatrics at the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York.

“Many studies have shown detrimental long-term effects from the use of corporal punishment in children. But, it still occurs with great frequency in this country,” she said.

“As children get older, it becomes especially difficult for parents who’ve relied on corporal punishment to discipline effectively,” she noted.

“Instead of physical punishment,” Samuels suggests “developing a supportive, nurturing relationship with your child.” She said “parents should reinforce positive behaviors, and give structure and a daily routine in a child’s life. Parents should set consequences for negative behavior,” she said, “and in the toddler years, timeouts can be an effective form of discipline instead of spanking.” With this, generic Zoloft for depression among parents is no longer needed.

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