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Canadian Drugstore Highlights the Importance of Movements at Work

Wednesday 12 September 2012 - Filed under Canadian Drugstore

Sitting is a good type subtle relaxation; however, too much of it could lead to as worse as cancer, and eventually intake of Xeloda 150 mg.

“For colon and breast cancer we can now say there is convincing evidence that being physically active reduces your risk of developing those two major cancers,” said Christine Friedenreich, a senior research epidemiologist at the Alberta Health Services-Cancer Care in Calgary, Canada.

“It’s not enough to just meet the physical activity guidelines like doing 150 minutes a week of exercise,” she added. “If you are spending the rest of your time sitting, like in front of a computer, that may be a problem.”

Friedenreich said, “for colon cancer, regular exercise can reduce the risk up to 35 percent. There‚Äôs a dose response — that means more physical activity lowers the risk more,” Friedenreich said. “The same is true for breast cancer, where exercise can reduce the risk up to 25 percent.”

“It’s a bunch of different mechanisms that are going to have an impact,” she said. In lieu, to buy Xeloda capecitabine is advised to if colon cancer started to surface.

“We think there are probably pathways through body fat, through hormones, through insulin resistance. Inflammation is one way cancer is affected; I wouldn’t say it’s the primary one, it’s just one of the pathways.”

“Too much sitting, sedentary behavior, actually increase the risk of cancer,” she said. “Some of the mechanisms seem to be the same as for lack of physical activity. If you can break up your sitting time, even by little bits, that can help reduce your risk of cancer,” Friedenreich said.

“It is clear to me it’s never too late to start exercising to reduce your risk of cancer,” Friedenreich said. “Anything you can do to maintain a healthy body weight, especially later in life, will reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer.”

Dr. Stephanie Bernik, chief of surgical oncology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, commented that “we know that exercise is a good tool to maintain normal body weight.”

“The things that are good for you in general appear to be good for you in terms of reducing your risk for some cancer,” Bernik said. In time, it will also decrease your visits to Canadian drugstore to buy your meds.

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