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Canadian Pharmacies Assist High-Cholesterol Patients

Tuesday 5 June 2012 - Filed under Canadian Pharmacy

Kids with HIV who undergo antiretroviral medications using generic Zocor have constant excessive cholesterol and other blood fat (lipid) levels, and would gain from instructions targeted at minimizing their continuing heart threats.

“Formal guidelines are the first crucial step in minimizing cardiovascular disease complications and maximizing quality of life in this vulnerable population,” the authors of an editorial stated in a journal news release. “The most effective strategy probably consists of a ‘lipid-friendly’ drug regimen — meaning medications that don’t affect blood fats — along with lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise,” according to them.

Cholesterol levels were more vulnerable to decrease when alterations were done to their antiretroviral medication. In majority of cases, treatment modifications were linked to the status of their HIV, and not because of their increasing lipid levels. Only some children were instructed to buy Zocor particularly to control their cholesterol.

Based on another study, study researchers at the Imperial College School of Medicine, London, made a comparison of the results of various HIV drugs on 449 HIV-infected kids’ lipid levels. They saw all of the medications resulted to an increase in cholesterol. The type of HIV drugs termed as protease inhibitors, specifically, caused the greatest boost.

In five years, 10 percent of the kids acquired low-density lipoprotein (“bad”) cholesterol levels beyond the 95th percentile. However, from those numbers, only three patients were required to consume cholesterol medication.

Since HIV-infected kids are likely to live healthy into maturity, the study researchers stated, “treatment strategies need to be developed that will protect them against heart disease later in life.”

“Clinical trials are required to develop and test intervention strategies to protect against cardiovascular disease in children born with HIV, growing into adult life,” Dr. Margaret P. Rhoads of Imperial College and co-authors conveyed in the news release. And, Canadian pharmacies are all out to support this cause.

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