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Canadian Pharmacies Benefit from FDA’s Stubborn Stance on Motilium

Friday 18 March 2011 - Filed under Cheap Canadian Pharmacy

Motilium has been widely available in almost every country around the world except the US since 1978. Motilium was approved over 20 years ago in Canada, and is the gastrointestinal medication of choice to treat nausea and vomiting in most countries. More recently, Motilium has also been increasingly prescribed to stimulate lactation in breast-feeding women.

Even though the FDA’s division of gastrointestinal medications had approved domperidone (generic Motilium) and numerous U.S. clinical drug trials have demonstrated domperidone’s safety and effectiveness in dealing with gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying) symptoms, the FDA has turned down several of the medication’s developers Janssen Pharmaceutical’s applications for approval.

Many American doctor’s and pharmacists question the FDA’s position on Motilium, claiming the drug is safe at commonly prescribed doses, and the American Academy of Pediatrics has pronounced domperidone “usually compatible with breastfeeding.”

Canadian pediatrician Dr. Jack Newman states on his Newman Breastfeeding Clinic & Institute website that he has used generic Motilium safely with thousands of lactating women and will continue to do so, calling the FDA’s refusal to approve the drug “a political statement”. “It’s a shame for women in the US to be deprived of this drug,” he writes.

Many Americans have found a way around the FDA, discovering that they can
buy Motilium online through a Canadian pharmacy. A US doctor can legally prescribe Motilium even if it isn’t available in the States, and Americans can legally import Canadian prescription medications as long as:

1) the medication is for personal use and not for resale
2) they do not purchase more than a three-month supply
3) the medication is not a controlled substance like a sleeping pill or narcotic
4) they have a valid prescription from a US doctor
5) the product’s intended use is clearly and accurately identified
6) the patient affirms in writing that the product is for his or her own use

The good news is that Motilium is cheap north of the border. A supply of 300 generic Motilium 10 mg tablets can be priced as low as $36.00 at a Canadian online pharmacy, with several Canadian drugstores currently offering a Motilium coupon for even greater savings.

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