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Canadian Pharmacies Issue Antibiotics Strictly on Prescriptions to Counter Drug Resistant Bacteria Threat

Monday 13 February 2012 - Filed under Canadian Prescription Drugs + Online Canadian Pharmacies

An article appeared in issue 4/2012 (Jan. 16, 2012) of Der Spiegel, the German news magazine, has raised the fear of a pandemic due to the spread of drug resistant bacteria. The article has cited several instances where the drug resistant bacteria MRSA and ESBL- forming bacteria have been detected in clinical cases.

The article explains how the drug resistant hospital acquired MRSA (ha-MRSA) bacteria that were a problem of the hospitals has spread outside of hospitals as community acquired MRSA (ca-MRSA) “And, in contrast to the highly drug-resistant hospital-acquired MRSA (ha-MRSA) strains, which primarily affect the elderly and people in hospitals and nursing homes, ca-MRSA affects healthy young people.” The bacterium has become a serious health threat in the United States, Canada and other countries around the world.

Spread of MRSA bacteria poses a serious threat of triggering a pandemic, due to its resistance to almost all the available antibiotics. The article warns that ha-MRSA and ca-MRSA are only two of the micro-organisms that are resistant to most of the known anti-infective drugs. “Another alarming finding is that about 3 to 5 percent of the population carries so-called ESBL-forming bacteria in the intestine without knowing it. Even modern antibiotics are completely ineffective against these highly resistant bacteria.”

According to a chef pharmacist at a leading Canadian pharmacy, Big Mountain, bacteria develop resistance to drugs mainly due to the indiscriminate use of antibiotics. Hospitals and the livestock farms are places where most of the drug resistant bacteria can evolve. Indiscriminate use of antibiotics can develop drug resistant bacteria that can trigger pandemics. Medicines with narcotic effects can be abused by drug addicts. Many other drugs can produce dangerous side effects and have to be used with care. Some patients discontinue antibiotics after 2-3 days when full prescription course is for 5-7 days. This leaves resistant strains that are mutated and evolve in to drug resistant strains. Selling the prescription antibiotics without a prescription has contributed significantly to these serious consequences.

Antibiotics are listed under the prescription drugs by health authorities, as a step in controlling the use of antibiotics. In some countries, antibiotics can be bought over the counter. Many of the rogue pharmacies operating on the internet also sell antibiotics without prescription. A spokesperson for Big Mountain Drugs (BMD), the leading Canadian online pharmacy, stressed the importance of requiring a valid prescription for issuing prescription drugs. “We always insist on a valid prescription from a qualified medical practitioner like a physician. But there are some websites that blatantly advertise that they sell dangerous drugs without prescription. But there are many good, genuine online pharmacies doing a great service to the people, by bringing quality medicine at affordable prices to their doorsteps.”

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Re: Canadian Pharmacies Issue Antibiotics Strictly on Prescriptions to Counter Drug Resistant Bacteria Threat

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