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Canadian Pharmacy Asks Senior Citizens to Be Wary of Overmedication

Friday 12 August 2011 - Filed under Canadian Pharmacy + Senior Health Questions

It is not uncommon for senior citizens, says Canadian pharmacy, to undergo extensive tests and medication in an attempt to live longer or to prolong sexual activity. Experts, however, are of the view that the billions of dollars are being spent unnecessarily without yielding necessary positive results.

The Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI) and several other situations have come out with statistics that clearly indicate exorbitant amounts of money are being spent every year to sustain health in senior citizens where it could be more productive in other age groups. The reasoning is several drugs are actually detrimental to health. For example, high blood pressure drugs when continued in patient over the age of 75 years and above actually restricts normal blood flow. People generally buy Norvasc or other prescription drugs for long-term treatment of high blood pressure. In such cases, capillaries become incapable of pumping blood, if the condition of high blood pressure is overly controlled.

Statistics Canada came out with alarming figures that pharmacists in Canada were actually filling out approximately 74 prescriptions for people over 80 every year in comparison to just 14 for patients in other age groups. Further, CIHI indicates 13% of these patients on five or more drugs actually reported side effects and needed further treatment.

In terms of figures, good news for the Canadian government is that total drug expenditure increase has been $ 1.4 billion until early 2011, effectively 4.8% since the year 2009. In comparison, CIHI points out figures had reached nearly double between the years 2000 and 2005 with around 8.9% yearly increase in expenditure.

In this scenario, Canada Drugs Online notes that though population of senior citizens in Canada over 65 is less than 14%, both the provincial and territorial governments were actually devoting 44% of healthcare expenditure towards the group in the year 2010.

Several factors have been attributed towards overspending on senior citizens. The obvious reason is they are likely to be more ill than other age groups. Other factors, nevertheless, can be safely avoided in order to find more productive use for healthcare expenditure.

For example, seniors have a need for medication to extend the life. When they are hospitalized, it has become customary to drug them for better management. The overall health condition and not the age should be the criterion to offer preventive medication. Life expectancy may increase, but there is a need to find more natural methods to replace preventive medication, especially in the case of seniors.

Use of prescription drugs has not actually ensured people can live longer experiencing improved quality of life. There have been allegations most research-based studies are backed by drug manufacturers, effectively to increase sales. firmly believes that voluntary associations must take a more active role in creating awareness among the elderly about the use of prescription drugs to extend their lives or to improve sexual drive. The pharmacy has been dispensing drugs with valid descriptions, but doctors do not have enough time to spend on all patients, which makes it necessary to educate seniors in the effective use of preventive medication.

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