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Canadian Pharmacy Option Triumphs over Conventional Pharmacies

Friday 27 April 2012 - Filed under Canadian Pharmacy

Recent reports published by WHO indicated that over 60% of people diagnosed with illnesses are not adhering to their prescriptions fully due to financial difficulties. With the rising drug prices and slashed welfare benefits, it is rather worrying that a major segment of the population is facing such difficulties in meeting their medical needs. Amidst such crisis, the option of purchasing drugs at cheap prices from Canadian pharmacies becomes a major relief to millions of people worldwide and in US in particular where drug prices are almost 4 folds higher than in Canada. A spokesperson from a leading Canadian pharmacy commenting on the growing popularity of Canadian mail order pharmacies had this to say; “With established Canada pharmacies such as BigMountain Drugs offering special discounts and rewards credits on top of their already low prices, the propensity for switching over to Canadian pharmacies as a supply source is a natural choice.” According to reports and price comparisons, customers can purchase the same branded drug at a fraction of the cost they will incur in a conventional high street pharmacy in USA.

BigMountain Drugs is one of Canada’s top rung licensed online pharmacy operators with both online and conventional pharmacy operations. Located in Surrey, British Columbia, BigMountain Drugs focuses on efficient, dependable and low-priced supply of medication. They are valued by their customers for being a trustworthy source of prescription drugs and recognized internationally as a premium source of drug purchase with reliable delivery to doorstep.

Unlike the United States of America across the border, the Canadian government has regulated the rates of pharmaceuticals to keep them affordable and accessible to the general public. Generic versions are approved by Health Canada through a fast and efficient process of drug approval which is the reason why generic drugs are available faster in Canada than anywhere in the world. “Big Mountain Drugs stock both brand name drugs as well as generic medications to help consumers choose as per their needs and financial strength. The company spokesperson further assured that there is no difference to be identified in the efficacy of branded drug vs., generic drug, although the latter is considerably cheaper as no product development costs are apportioned to drug prices, in the case of generics.

A generic drug is a drug which has an expired patent claim, which allows other companies to reverse engineer the drug and reproduce it without worrying about incurring huge new product development costs. As the replicating companies do not have to bear the costs of researching and testing the drug, they are able to produce it a great deal cheaper. This has made generic products a feature on online Canadian pharmacies more so because they are necessitated by legislation to be chemically and therapeutically the exact match of the initial make, despite the considerably low cost. Furthermore, the online business model saves on operating costs and passes on some of the savings to consumers by way of rewards, discounts and low prices.
It is common for a prescription dispensed and purchased through a Canadian online pharmacy to be between 50 to 80% cheaper than those purchased in the US or other countries that do not regulate the price of medications. BigMountain Drug’s affordable rates, licensed on-call pharmacists, state-of-the-art privacy and security features, coupled with prompt, unfailing service ensures that its local online dispensary is fast becoming an increasingly popular choice for patients wanting to dole out less on regular medications.

Big Mountain Drugs is a licensed pharmacy, operating regular brick and mortar pharmacies in Canada. It serves to a worldwide clientele through its website BMD is licensed by College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, the regulating body for pharmacies in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Registration and licensing details are available at the official website of College of Pharmacists of British Columbia. Being a verified member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), Big Mountain Drugs upholds the legal, ethical, quality, and professional standards of the industry. an independent company that verifies the international online pharmacies, also has verified Big Mountain Drugs. Customers can avoid rogue pharmacies and scam sites if they check the details from the official websites of the licensing authorities and verifying organizations before placing any order to buy medicines.

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