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Canadian Pharmacy Provides Chronic Constipation Drug People Unhappy With Laxatives

Monday 21 November 2011 - Filed under Canadian Drugs + Canadian Pharmacy

An estimated 30% of the American population suffers from chronic constipation. Sadly, many sufferers are looking for alternatives to laxatives that just do not seem to work over the longer period of time. Over-the-counter laxatives are useful to some extent, which is why over $700 million is spent annually on purchases. Our Canadian pharmacy provides an effective alternative to laxative in the form of a prescription drug. People who buy Resolor have found it to be a more natural treatment, as the drug rectifies impaired motility on account of chronic constipation.

How to Recognize Symptoms of Chronic Constipation
The most common reason leading to chronic constipation is to control the urge of passing stools for whatever reason. The body is forced into imbalance as individuals begin ignoring the urge due to psychological reasons like unfamiliarity with the environment or avoiding unhygienic public toilets. Mild constipation occurring on and off should indicate the system imbalance.

Functional constipation often results because people do not respond to conventional methods of treatment, which is why chronic constipation is sometimes known as anorectal dysfunction simply because nerves and muscles in areas surrounding the colon, anus, or rectum malfunctions creating difficulty in passing stool.

The most likely reason for lack of motility is consumption of less water. Excretory matter passing through the colon tends to harden up if less water is absorbed leading to difficulty in passing stools. Signs of constipation should immediately indicate people need to take in at least 2.5 L of water per day. Stress plays a deciding role in creating constipation over a long period of time. The condition is known as irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. Consuming excess quantity of caffeine-based or aerated drinks also leads to constipation.

Effective Alternative to Laxative
People have been using laxatives for a long time to ensure bowel movement on a daily basis. Our Canadian pharmacy believes people got used to laxatives, which in turn became ineffective. The colon’s ability to function over the long term is compromised with laxatives. The human body has to find ways and means to resolve problems like regular bowel movement. Resolor provides the ideal alternative to treat constipation in people suffering from facial impaction, chronic constipation, or are terminally ill.

The prescription drug works by activating chemical receptors known as serotonin in the bowels activating the muscles into contraction resulting in normal bowel movements. Complete checkup often leads to biofeedback measuring brain function, body temperature, muscle tension, and heart rate. These functions are vital in determining lifestyle changes in a person that can additionally help sustain normal bowel motion in addition to the effective prescription drug.

People are better off dealing with chronic constipation by preventing it rather than going in for long-term cure. Our Canada pharmacy provides the ideal prescription drug capable of manipulating muscular movement in the colon allowing normalcy to return in bowel movements. People have to be more aware of lifestyle habits. Inculcating good habits like drinking lots of water, avoiding cigarettes and frequent use of laxatives will help the body cure itself faster.

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