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Canadian Pharmacy Shares Lack of Sunlight Causes Stroke

Monday 20 February 2012 - Filed under Canadian Drugs + Canadian Pharmacy

The amount of sunlight you get could be a factor in identifying your stroke risk and your need for a Canadian drug.

“We hear a lot about how sun may be bad for us, in terms of skin cancer for example,” noted study co-author Leslie McClure, an associate professor of biostatistics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “But this examination of sunlight exposure indicates that there may be some positive results related to being in the sun.”

“The bottom line,” said McClure, “is that sunlight may be both a friend and a foe with respect to health.”
McClure and her colleagues are slated to present their findings Tuesday at an American Stroke Association meeting in New Orleans.

“We still don’t know what exactly the sunlight and stroke relationship is due to,” cautioned McClure. “There are a lot of hypotheses. But, we really don’t yet understand the mechanism behind it.” While the study is still progressing, experts suggest to buy Norvasc to treat high blood pressure and prevent strokes.

For just that reason, Dr. Larry B. Goldstein, director of the Duke Stroke Center in Durham, N.C., stressed that more work needs to be done to nail down the exact nature of the sunlight-stroke relationship.

“The findings don’t surprise me, but it’s important to know that this is a study of association,” he said, “and association doesn’t prove causality. The fact that here low sun exposure — and presumably low sun exposure areas will also have low levels of vitamin D — has been associated with a higher risk for stroke could potentially be explanatory.”

“But in fact the authors are very careful to say that this is still an exploratory analysis,” Goldstein noted. “So, even if this association turns out to be real there may a wide variety of potential explanations for it. We’ll have to wait and see.” A Canadian pharmacy is always on the verge to support research like this to continually uplift man’s longevity of life.

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