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Canadian Pharmacy Shows How Multitasking Can Stress Out Working Moms

Thursday 12 January 2012 - Filed under Canadian Drugs + Canadian Pharmacy

Working moms do a whole lot more when multitasking in a fast-paced world and are more likely to get stressed compared to working dads – more Canada drugs intake as well.

“The hours men spend in household labor have increased, but when you include multitasking, then you are able to see women are still shouldering more of the household responsibilities than men,” said study co-author Barbara Schneider, a professor of sociology and education at Michigan State University.

“Working moms are multitasking about two-fifths of their waking hours,” Schneider said. No wonder they get stressed a lot more than dads. With such stress, pimples pop on their faces every now and then; and, to buy Aczone is their immediate relief.

“And for that matter, getting the kids to do more can help. Housework and yard work doesn’t seem half as bad when the whole family works together to get chores done. Moms in particular feel positive about working together as a family,” she added.

“Doing these things together, whether it’s cleaning up or wrapping presents or whatever it is you need to do; when mom isn’t the one out there till 9 p.m. trying to get it all done, these are the kinds of things that make a family run smoothly as a unit,” Schneider said.
“More flexible schedules and workplace cultures that support families – whether that’s allowing people to work from home or limiting expectations that employees will take work home – can also help working parents,” she added.

“The bar for being a good parent, the normative values of being a good mother, have gotten very high, and that leave mothers feeling a lot of pressure and stress,” Schneider said.

Ann Bookman, an adjunct senior lecturer at Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management in Waltham, Mass., said, “there are many anectodal reports of women feeling overburdened by the demands of combining family and work life.” Bookman further suggested that “the demands of multitasking may be at the root of some of their stress.”

“This incredible focus on maximizing productivity at every moment has tremendous social and public health costs,” Bookman said. “That’s why a study like this is so important. It’s not just that we have a sense that we and others are feeling overwhelmed. If you take a sample and very carefully analyze the numbers, you can begin to see in very graphic terms that women are still the primary caregivers and we are asking them to do just as much in the workforce.”

“It impacts the body and your psychological state, and the researchers are providing the evidence for really seeing multitasking as a significant public health issue for women,” Bookman added. In lieu, it is also one of the main reasons why they visit Canada pharmacies more often.

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