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Canadian Pharmacy Suggests You Choose Your Meal Companion

Friday 17 February 2012 - Filed under Canadian Pharmacy

When individuals eat meals together, they seem to eat as much or as little as their meal buddy does. That is, in cases of wanting to lose weight Canadian drugs could help in achieving such goal.

“The aim of our study was to gain insight into one of the possible underlying mechanisms of this modeling effect, namely behavioral mimicry,” said R.C.J. Hermans, a doctoral candidate at the Radboud University Nijmegen, in the Netherlands. He led the study, which appears online Feb. 2 in PLoS ONE.

“We did not test whether people deliberately or unwittingly mimicked the other’s intake,” Hermans said. “Based on previous research on behavioral mimicry, however, I am likely to say that this is an unconscious process. This assumption is underscored by previous findings of our lab, in which we found that people are generally unaware of the social influences that might affect their food intake.”

The new study builds on previous research, said Dr. Rick Hoyle, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Duke University. It is still safe to continue with whatever weight loss program these eating buddies are into – to buy Xenical perhaps.

“The women who shared a meal together were previously unacquainted, which is key to interpreting and applying the findings,” Hoyle said. “Prior research on mimicry suggests that it is, to some degree, motivated by a desire to affiliate. The results of this study are consistent with that interpretation, showing significantly greater mimicry of taking a bite of food during the first half of the 20-minute interaction.”

“I would not go that far,” Hermans said. “Social eating is an important part of our cultural life, which brings a lot of positive aspects with it.”
Those trying to lose weight can instead be aware of this possible mimicry. “So, specifically ask yourself if you really want to eat that dessert or whether you just order dessert because everyone else does,” Hermans said.

Hoyle agreed. “The key to avoiding this trap is to be aware that mimicry is both typical and non-conscious,” he said. “Mindless eating will no doubt be affected by the tendency to mimic others at the table. Mimicry can be overcome by mindful eating, by which the individual focuses on the food, the experience of eating it, and the way the body feels as the meal progresses.”

This scenario assumes your companions overeat, Hoyle said. If you are trying to eat less and find that your companions eat relatively little, Hoyle said, of course “it is to our benefit to yield to the tendency to mimic their behavior.” Canadian pharmacies suggest not minding only the quantity of food intake but also the health and nutrition benefits that we get from them.

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