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Can a doctor write their own Rx when purchasing medications online?

Monday 27 June 2011 - Filed under Online Pharmacy

Due to the code of ethics in the United States a doctor should not write his or her own prescription. This is because it is felt as though one should be diagnosed by an un-biased third party in order to retrieve an accurate diagnosis. The same holds true for prescribing Medication’s for ones immediate family members. With that being said, there are circumstances where it could be acceptable for a doctor to write their own prescription.

A doctor may write their own prescription if they have been seen by their regular physician and diagnosed with a life-time prognosis (i.e. heart condition, diabetes, etc), in this case it is highly unlikely that the condition will alter in some way or just go away all together. So in this case a doctor may write their own prescription.

If a doctor chooses to purchase their medication from alternate source other than a conventional pharmacy, they may also submit a prescription written on their own prescription pad. This is becoming a popular trend with the explosion of online pharmacies from Canada. Online pharmacies provide a convenient method of acquiring cheap Canadian medications hassle-free. This has proven to be a viable option for practising physicians to readily access the medications that they depend on. Not only because they are able to write their own Canadian rx and avoid the hassle of having to go and see another doctor, but also because the medications that are purchased online from Canada are much cheaper. He or she will save a lot of money if they choose to order their medications online from Canada.

Doctor’s may also submit their own prescription to purchase medications for “Office Use


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