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Market Research Reveals Shocking Ignorance about Generic Drugs

Monday 28 November 2011 - Filed under Generic Drugs

A recent study has found that the states in US can save $300 million annually if the patients use generic versions of brand name drugs. Affordable Medicines Utilization Act (AMUA) of 2011, proposed by Republican Senators Scott Brown and John McCain and Democrat Ron Wyden, calls to save this unnecessary spending and allow the states to keep half of the savings. Ignorance of the patients about generic drugs is the main cause for under-use of generic drugs across USA. In many other countries, governments encourage the use of generic drugs to save money while allowing the patients the same medical benefits. The savings from use of generics can be so vast that it can reflect on the national economy and ease the pressure on the government to cut health plans and trim medical benefits. The new legislation brought about by the AMUA is timely when considering the unaffordable cost of most of the medicines on the shelves of US high street pharmacies.

The ignorance of average citizens about the generics is caused by the myths and misinformation spread by stakeholders like big pharmaceutical companies, some suppliers of medicines and the highly placed individuals supporting the big companies. Here are some of the general myths about generic drugs that the market research conducted recently by a top Canadian pharmacy giant revealed:

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Re: Market Research Reveals Shocking Ignorance about Generic Drugs

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