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Pet Vet Care at Cheap Prices from Canada Online Pharmacies

Wednesday 30 November 2011 - Filed under Online Canadian Pharmacies + Pharmacy Questions

A recent survey has shown that more than eighty percent pet owners consider their pets as family members. Many perform full funeral rites for the pets as they would perform the rites for their loved ones. When a pet falls ill, many pet owners are ready to incur expenses as much as on a human to treat them. This has made the pet care and vet product industry to be worth a whopping $ 50 billion. Today the healthcare expenses for a pet are very high. Although pet owners want the best care, they would still welcome it at an affordable price. Knowing where to buy high quality pet medicines and other pet care products cheap can be a great relief for a pet owner with an average income.

In USA vet medicines and pet care products are more expensive than in developing countries and many of other developed countries. Pet owners in USA have to pay exorbitant prices for drugs and other pet care products. Just like buying the medicines for human use, buying pet medicines from online Canadian pharmacies is a lot cheaper than buying at the local pharmacy. Pet owners turn to buying drugs from Canadian online pharmacies because of the cheaper prices and the convenience of delivery to doorstep.

“Big Mountains has a large international customer base. Majority of our customers is from US and Canada. Customers in US make savings up to 80% of the total bills by purchasing from us. With the recent widening of our Pet Care range of products, pet owners can buy all their requirements from us, online

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