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Vitamins are a Vital Part of a Healthy Pregnancy says a Canada Pharmacy

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Managing weight and health before a pregnancy is very important if a woman plans to have a baby. A pre-pregnancy weight loss plan with proper vitamin supplements will help avoid pregnancy complications. By taking in vitamins and supplements as foliate, women can ensure a healthy growth of the baby.
A spokesperson for Big Mountain Drugs, the leading Canadian online pharmacy said “Most of the drugs, vitamin and mineral supplements and other medicines usually prescribed for pre-pregnant and pregnant women are available in our wide range of products. Palafer (Ferrous Fumarate), Ostoforte (Ergocalciferol), Replavite (multivitamins), Xenical (Orlistat) and Vitamin B12 Tablets (Cyanocobalamin) are some of the drugs we sell at greatly educed prices.
Explaining on customer reward schemes of BMD’s customers can save money. “Our unique 5% reward program and the discount coupon scheme help customers to save money. Under the 5% reward program every purchase gives the customers a reward of 5% of the total value of the purchase. This reward money can be used when the customer makes another purchase. BMD discount coupons available free of charge from can be used to get discounts ranging from $5 to $50.”
The vitamin supplements during pregnancy should be taken as per an obstetrician’s advice. The levels of iron needed are decided by carrying out blood tests to establish the Hemoglobin levels in the blood. The need for taking foliate supplements should be considered well before conceiving. Calcium is another main supplement during pregnancy. Certain women are also prescribed with vitamin E, especially when experiencing cramps and muscle pain in later trimesters.

One of the customers, Stella Owens from Illinois has this to say “When I was pregnant, I was prescribed a whole heap of iron vitamins and purchasing them from Big Mountain Canada was a major saving”

Big Mountain Drugs is a Canada pharmacy registered and licensed by College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, the licensing authority for pharmacies in British Columbia. BMD’s website serves the customers from allover the world, delivering high quality medicines to their doorsteps at very competitive prices. BMD is a verified member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and a member of International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPA BC). As a member of these prestigious trade associations, BMD is committed to the legal, ethical, professional and quality standards of pharmacy trade., an independent company that verifies international pharmacies has verified Big Mountain Drugs.

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